It's sad the Net has descended to this level, but it's true. Unscrupulous fraud artists regularly "spoof" the domain names of many reputable domains, including (unfortunately) this one,

A number of bounced messages suggest that some scum is currently using this website's domain name in his/her garbage. No advertising email is ever sent from this website. As you can see, although we offer links to, we are not in the business of selling pharmaceuticals, loans, remote-controlled cars, or any of the nasty other items these people are sending to your mailbox. If you have received such an advertising message proclaiming itself to be from anyone at this domain, it did not originate from us or our servers.

Additionally, people should know that when they purchase anything from SPAM mail, they are encouraging the continued spamming of the Internet by these people. The only way they will ever go away if is the return on time and investment goes below their cost of doing business. Since their cost of doing business is low, any return at all encourages their continued SPAMming. If you appreciate a SPAM-free mailbox, do not do business with those people who send unsolicited commercial email.

If you would like to comment on this message, please send your mail to the address below, or use our contact page.

Daryl Gibson