Scipio Tower

Although most of AT&T's traffic goes over fiber now, and although this tower has been sold to American Tower, Scipio Tower was once an vital part of the AT&T backbone. Sited high on Scipio Hill, southwest of the small Utah community of Scipio, this tower was originally staffed. A well-maintained parking lot, complete with now-unused parking lot lights and a flagpole, remain to indicate that the tower was once well-staffed. Eight technicians and a supervisor once were headquartered here. Another group was in the nearby Delta tower. Now converted to digital, and remotely run, the doorbell buzzer labeled "Ring for Attendant" is unlikely to raise any person aside from the rare tower technician. Although AT&T Long Lines put pride and survivability into each microwave structure, the way this tower was built shows a great deal of style, as well. No "death star" AT&T logo can be seen, but the side of the building shows "American Telephone and Telegraph" in metal lettering.

This tower's microwave circuits connected to Delta Utah on the West, to Levan Utah on the North, and Meadow, Utah on the South. Those towers, in turn connected to other parts of the AT&T far-flung network.

A nearby FAA microwave site and a third nearby microwave site are dwarfed by the
massive 300-foot AT&T tower, with a large concrete building housing switching and power.

Scipio Tower, from SouthScipio Tower, From West  
Scipio Tower, Western View  
Shows the pride with which this was built  
Western Equipment Entrance  
Once Staffed, this button called an attendant.  

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