AT&T Long Lines
Salt Lake City Main

Old Mountain Bell Building

The Microwave tower shown in these photographs was removed in October 2009.

When I was a kid, part of what I did with my life was to wander around downtown Salt Lake City on Saturdays. One of my stops in my wandering was this building. Long the downtown business center for USWest predecessor Mountain Bell, this building had phone booths on the east side, a showroom on part of the main floor, and operator and billing functions. It also housed the downtown switch, and AT&T toll switches. The switches, now digital, remain, both for the local LEC, Qwest, and for AT&T. The main entrance to the building bears the logos of both USWest and AT&T. The tower on this building connected with Salt Lake City Junction, and this building was apparently part of the cable route. See below for more information.

AT&T Long Lines tower atop Bell System building downtown SLC.
Eastward Microwave antennas facing you go to Salt Lake City Junction. Reddish building at left is an equipment building added onto the original structure some years ago.

Closeup of tower

Tower, building from SE.
Reddish building in foreground is
Federal Reserve branch across street south.
South-facing antennas (facing you) point to AT&T site at Camp Williams.
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This building was
once headquarters for Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph, later to
become Mountain Bell, then USWest, now Qwest.
This building originally housed operator and billing functions.
Main USWest offices for the area were
moved to a new building some years back.
This building originally had business offices and phone showrooms at street level.
Still houses USWest switches, AT&T long distance switches, ATTWS switches.

I find it interesting that a new building about a block away was built with
one face at a diagonal; I wonder if it was possibly to avoid disrupting the MW feed to the canyon tower.

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